Digital Printing in 5 Colours

Digital printing is the ideal print method for the modern age as its strengths lie in short-run, fast turnaround printing. Digital printing also loves jobs with variable data.

Digital printing is the next generation of printing. Rather than using a metal printing plate, as is the case with a traditional lithographic printing press, an image is sent directly to the printer from a digital file (i.e. a PDF).

We can print on a range of materials ranging from standard papers and boards through to pearlescents and metallics, and even magnetic and synthetic non-tear materials.

Here at St Andrews Press, we have the very latest RICOH digital production presses, providing exceptional image quality and colour reproduction on both coated and uncoated stock. These include the state-of-the-art RICOH 7200x Graphic Arts Press which is capable of 5-colour printing. This press provides outstanding image quality and productive performance at an affordable price and, with the addition of the 5th colour station, you can add extra impact to your print, whether adding a clear varnish to accentuate designs, printing white ink directly onto coloured media, or using neon yellow and neon pink to create greater impact to your print and extend the colour gamut.

Sound exciting? It is! We’d love to give you a demonstration to show you how 5-colour printing can hugely improve the impact of your print. Call us to make an appointment now!

neon yellow gif.gif