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Our Artwork & Design team are always on hand to help you realise your vision.

Call us on 01749 672477 to talk to one of our designers or to make an appointment.

If you are supplying your own artwork then please see our individual Product Pages for our Design Guidelines and Artwork Templates. These are available as PDF and InDesign file formats. We can also provide templates in Illustrator and Photoshop file formats on request.

For full information on what services we require, please read more below.


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It is simplest to think of our Artwork & Design Department providing services at three levels:


If you’ve supplied us with print-ready files then your print job jumps straight to the Pre-Press stage of production. Here our production team oversees all that needs to happen before your job goes to print. We take your digital files and ensure that they are suitable for printing. Although we don’t proof-read your work, there are a number of things that we need to check to ensure that the file will print correctly and as you intended.

Once our production team are happy with the files we then digitally impose them, which basically means setting them up to print at the optimum quality in the correct orientation on the required paper stock. We will then either send a digital proof copy back to you to double check that you're happy proceed to print, or you can have a hard-copy proof printed and delivered to you (or you can call in to collect it and discuss any issues with us).

Once you’ve given us the final go-ahead, the files are either sent directly to the press in the case of digital printing or, in the case of litho printing, the necessary printing plates are made up from the files ready for print.


If you supply a file that we need to process before we can print it, then it goes to our Artwork Team. We take your initial artwork file, e.g. a Word document, JPEG image, a photo from your mobile phone, or a hard copy that needs scanning, and we process it and take it through the necessary stages to ensure that it is ready to print with the best possible results on your chosen media. Once this is done your job then moves on to the Pre-Press stage of production.


Finally, we offer a full Design Service. We have a passion for good design and we bring that principle into every project we work on. Using our knowledge and experience we pride ourselves on doing a great job for our customers to exceed their expectations.

Our designers work with businesses, organisations and individuals to develop smart and effective design solutions. Our professionalism and skills lend themselves to larger business clients, while small companies and individuals appreciate our approachability and personal attention to detail. We aim to use the power and effectiveness of good design to help you succeed in the marketplace. We love working with print media in all its forms, brand and logo development, websites, and branded merchandise. We also develop signage and large format items.

Great design begins with the client-designer relationship. We believe that communication and the relationship between the designer and client are just as important as the design itself. We believe we offer the perfect option for businesses and individuals that appreciate the benefits of working closely with an experienced designer without the overhead and complexities that come from working with a large design firm. Our independence allows us to embrace a wide range of creative work, while maintaining an accessibility and openness that larger firms can’t provide; we keep it simple, efficient and as often as possible, fun.

Transparency and honesty are integral to the way that we approach projects. Whether it is about the method, costs involved or best practices, we are always looking out for the client’s best interests, their budgets and the best way to get the most out of any project.

What we can help with:

Print Design - Our speciality, naturally! Brochures, business cards, annual reports, postcards and just about anything that can be created when you put ink on paper. Click HERE to see our range of products.

Books - We offer a full self-publishing service and love assisting people in publishing their work! Click HERE for more information.

Labels & Packaging - The visual presentation of a product in the marketplace is extremely important, and we can produce stunning designs for all of your labelling and packaging requirements. We can also assist with ensuring your labels and packaging are produced in the correct manner and on the best materials to suit your products.

Sign & Display - Signage, trade show items, vinyl banners, window promotions, vehicle graphics and a variety of large format presentations.

Branding & Logo Design - Logos are the visual mark of a company, and the brand sets the tone and shapes the company’s public persona. We can help you to create a memorable and effective visual identity.

Web & Digital - Websites, emails and social media. Your online presence is quite possibly the most important way you connect to customers.

Get in touch or call in and see us to find out how we can help you on your way to design and print success!